Song lyrics for the song “Jekyll or Hyde” by hard rock band Circus 66. The song was released as part of the album “Follow The Black Crow” on August 6th, 2021 and is digitally distributed by the label Black Crow Records.


My shadow seems to have it made
It sees before life’s sick parade
Throws you down and tries to win the day
It feels no pain, has all the fun
But only runs when you want to run
Never tires and always has your back

Are you Jekyll or Hyde?
Are you even alive!?

Meet me in the storm, please don’t be late
This deal is all about love and hate
You know it’s given you purpose in your life
The hourglass runs so fast
This world don’t deserve my class
Just know I love you more than that
But not as much as this

Gonna take this life for, a ride to die for
Jekyll or Hyde, which one are you now?
Can’t buy your way in, to heaven now no
You’re just a sideshow
You will never, take me alive

I’m dancing with a lifetime full of
You know I love you but not as much as this!

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About the Band

CIRCUS 66 is a four-member hard rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band is dedicated to creating dirty hard rock music with classic and modern rock overtones mixed with southern infused blues. Inspired by fellow rock bands like Queen, The Winery Dogs and Bon Jovi, the band often performs live, so be sure to check out their tour schedule.

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