"Hellacious Dirty Rock"

The Story So Far...


 What happens when a Welshman, a Russian, and two good looking Englishmen assemble a rock band drenched in ripping vocals, massive guitars and thunderous grooves? 

Well, people dance, sing, and throw themselves around to the sweet, infectious sounds. A Lot. 

This is Circus 66.

A Tad About Us


Circus 66 is a rock band bursting with blues infused funk overtones, shaken up with enough groove to sink a battleship. 

Hailing from Maidenhead, UK, and formed in 2013 to make great music, for the love of music - and nothing else. 

What Makes Us Tick


Influenced by many artists, Circus 66 are independent and creative, loud and in your face, smooth and groovy - like a punch in the face from a well dressed cover model. 

Currently recording a debut album "Follow the Black Crow", Circus 66 promise an experience you will never forget - and tunes to rock your socks off!


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