NEW ALBUM “Elements” Announced with Art!

We’re please to share what our new album will look like and what it’s all about.

Album 2 is know officially titled “Elements”

The meaning:

We knew straight off the back of the pandemic, finishing up album 1 “Follow the Black Crow”, the next album had to be uplifting and full of positivity (hopefully some of you picked up that feeling from the first release “A Little Piece of Magic”). We also knew that in a crazy complicated world right now, sometimes you just need to strip it all back to basics and hit the refresh button. We wanted to represent that by exaggeration and literally stripping it right down to the core, the four Elements.

The way we look at it is we’re four like minded individuals, with four very different backgrounds, four very different musical influences that make up one sound, Circus 66. Without one of the elements, you wouldn’t have what we’re about, and the noise we create. (We’ve also hit our 4 year anniversary of making noise together ❤️)

We ran many names and options, but this is the one that felt perfect to us all.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was the first to theorize about the four elements. Based on Aristotle’s discoveries, alchemists invented four triangular shapes to symbolically represent the elements…

The four elements are not only found in the external, material world, but are also believed to be a part of the human body. A person’s unique abilities, moods, emotions, and personalities are said to be governed and regulated by the four elements present within them. The key to a wholesome existence is to instigate balance in the universe, and within ourselves…

So there you have it. Some insight in to the direction and ambition of a product we’ll hopefully (one day soon), be able to shout about and add to our catalogue.

We present to you “Elements”

Love Annabelle, Matt, Luke & Leigh ♥️

Once released, the album will be digitally available on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Tidal HD and more. Our crowdfunding is still open for those who still want to support us, and be part of the creation of the album – every penny goes towards making the songs we’ve written for it sound the best it possibly can!

About the Band

CIRCUS 66 is a four-member hard rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band is dedicated to creating dirty hard rock music with classic and modern rock overtones mixed with southern infused blues. Inspired by fellow rock bands like Queen, The Winery Dogs and Bon Jovi, the band often performs live, so be sure to check out their tour schedule.

You can contact the band here: contact page.

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